Mayor Terry Epps


Mayor Terry Epps is an upstanding resident of the City of Pine Lawn, and a proud product of the Normandy School District.

After graduating from Normandy Senior High School, and prior to becoming Mayor for the City of Pine Lawn, Terry began his journey into Business while working at National Supermarkets, and later became a Territory Manager for Reynolds American, a Fortune 500 company. He was in charge of overseeing the budget, finances, and marketing for his territory for a period of 15 years. During his tenure in the corporate world, Mr. Epps developed supervision skills and exercised charisma to build and improve business relationships resulting in win/win profit building strategies by running hundreds of retail and wholesale outlets. Moving forward into business, management, and leadership, Mr. Epps successfully managed a privately owned company by monitoring investments, conducting business cost analysis, handling taxes and accounts, and organizing investments deals for an additional 10 years. Each corporation was a stepping stone that would elevate him to become a successful leader, establishing his own Property Management Company.

Concurrently, for 17 years, Terry Epps found time to successfully coach numerous youth and middle school sports programs, producing young and successful high school and college graduates. In addition to working hard in business, Terry Epps was also being an inspiration and role model to his son, who is now a positive young adult. After showing an interest in politics, Terry Epps began working on over a half dozen statewide campaigns as well as local campaigns, including Presidential, Congressional, Mayoral, State Representative, and Aldermanic campaigns for the past 20 years. His attraction to take action and passion for change gave Terry Epps the zeal to run for Mayor for the City of Pine Lawn.

As a result of his professional experience in business, management, and politics, Mr. Terry Epps is now Mayor Terry Epps for the fine City of Pine Lawn.